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It's About Connection

No matter what you do or what you sell, your business has an impact on people. It connects with them at some level where they were then willing to say - yes, I would love you give you my money in exchange for what you offer. 

It is this connection that I believe forms the base for all great content creation, and it goes beyond promoting a product.​

Branded Documentary

Branded documentaries highlight a company or product but focus on its connection with either its employees or customers. Instead of telling people how great your product is, why don't you let your employees and customers tell that stor.

Corporate Explainer

A corporate explainer video helps you tell your story - your way. It helps introduce people to your staff, your customers, the company journey, and what you do. The goal is to create a connection that takes an often faceless product or service and allow people to connect with you and your story in a personal way.

Short ads

Short ads are meant to grab attention and make people want to find out more. Ideal for also being shared on social media or used as paid media content.


Whether you need headshots for your office, want real photos of actual customers and employees for your website, or want help putting together product shots, I am able to help you create content that will truly reflect you and your brand.



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