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The North

Heritage and the unknown


This is my story of the north - a region where the people are hardy, the climate unforgiving, and the beauty second to none. This is a story of the people who not only live there, but thrive there. This story is an on ongoing project. 


I wake up - smack, head hits the ceiling. I forgot I had fallen asleep in the top bunk of a 3rd class coach on a train bound for Murmansk. The smells and rumblings of people around me are a swift reminder that we are just 17 hours down, with 20 more to go. 18 hours ago this seemed like a great idea, now I was beginning to question it.


My first trip to the arctic. People talk about unforgettable experiences, and I almost want to include my first trip to the arctic as one of them, but it was way more than that. This first trip led to a fascination with the arctic that hasn't left, even after 6 years. I have now been to the arctic in Norway, Sweden, Russia and Iceland and plan on returning to continue my story there.

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