Freedom  Virtual Exhibition

This virtual exhibition for January, partnering with Senad Dziho, intends to explore the idea of freedom in 2021. What is freedom, how do we experience it, and are we truly free, are all questions we explore in this month's virtual exhibition!

Enter the gallery below!

The Photographers

Senad Dziho

Senad Dziho is a Bosnian passionate and media creative, outdoor and adventure Filmmaker. He was born and raised in a small town in the center of Italy.

His imagery can be characterized by his desire to travel, create & to be outdoors.

Instagram: @sennivisuals

Christopher Larson

I was born in Colorado, USA and currently live in Berlin. My early work was mainly focused on exploring the places I was visiting and generally focused on historic architecture and how it fits in our modern world. There wasn't a church or old house I would pass without trying to capture it. This was my entry into photography. As I grew as a photographer, I realized I wanted to explore more how humans interact with their world around them, especially in trying circumstances or times. My mission is to capture the positivity, creativity, and innovative nature of the human spirit.


December - Spread Joy

with Saurabh Narang

© 2020 by Christopher Larson

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